About Us

EVERSON TECHNOLOGY LTD is one of the world’s leading designers and manufacturers of mechanical and electronic components. We focus on utilizing our state-of-the-art nanoscale carbon film technologies to deliver customers innovative products and solutions for a wide range of applications in industrial automation, digital communications, healthcare, automotive systems and other specialized areas.


Leveraging our unique technologies and core competencies, we aim to be a trendsetter in the sector and aspire to shape the future of the industry. We are committed to developing world-class innovations with our cutting-edge nanoscale carbon film technologies. Our innovative nanoscale carbon paste with an admixture of fluorine not only enables the carbon film resistors with higher power ratings, but also makes it possible to deposit carbon films more evenly onto plastic or fiberboard substrates, contributing to lower costs of carbon film resistors while ensuring the high linearity. With the use of this paste, the temperature coefficient of carbon fi...

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